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Mulan layed in bed trying to fall asleep, but her mind was keeping her awake. Her mind kept thinking of the past, what happend with Shang, how she go pregnantt, caring ping, the endless weeks of weekness, but most of all the day of Ping's birth.  thoes hours of labor flutterd through Mulan's mind. She could remeber it clear as day,

"Ping, hold on......hold on" Shang cooded to Mulan in a worried manner.

Mulan listened to Shang's voice, it sothed her though the pain. She slowly begain to fade as Shangs voice became harder and harder to hear.

Mulan woke up slowly. dazed by the blood loss, It took her a minute to realize where she was. Finally as she gained back her senses, she could reconize that she was inside a tent, but whose?

A short puggy man walked in, " I see some one is up." He said in a kindly manner.
Mulan smiled at the man's kindness. for someone she has never met, he showed much kindness. But Mulan wanted to know who he was, and where she was.
" Who are you?" Mulan asked in a cofused manner.
" Iam the doctor for the toung-shou pass."
Mulan blinked in a confused manner, " oh."
The man laughed to himself about how confused mulan was.

"You had quite a cut you have there, it took some time to pach it up." The doctor said as he started to pack up his supplies.
"oh, well thank you for all you've done" Mulan said as her vison finally became better.
" It was no problem at all, it's my job..." the doctor said kindly as he packed his things.
Mulan smiled once more.
" I just have one question for you." The doctor said as he took his attention off his things and on to mulan.
"yes sir." Mulan said in a respectful tone.
" Why were you in battle during your pregnacy? Why were you even pregnant and fighting a battle?"  The doctor asked.

Mulan became suprised. He found out that she was pregnant.
"" Mulan stutterd.
The doctor raised one eyebrow, Mulan could tell he wanted to know.
" You know what never mind, I have probliy embaressed you enough," he said kindly as he went back to these things," But these things happen to a women who disguises herself as a man and joins the army. some one is bound to find out, and men who have been away from home for years will take the first chance they get at bed buissness."
Mulan hung her head down in embaressment, the doctor was thinking she was raped, but she knew that she was not raped, acually she wanted to do it. She felt like a slut.
* I can beleive I did something like this,* Mulan thought * why do I have to keep going against tradition.*  

Mulan took a deep breath.
" anyway," the doctor begain" How long have you been pregnate?"
" 8 months now."
" well it won't be long will's a suprise the sword didn't cause an early labor, most things like that would."
" yes it should be very soon....too soon." Mulan said as she begain to rub her stomic.
"well I wish you a congradulations and the best of luck," The doctor said as he stood up with his supplies ready to leave," Now you wound should heal up soon, and get some sleep, you don't have much energy, I can tell. Its a good thing you didn't go into early labor, you might have not had enough energy." The Doctor said as he was about to walk out of the tent.

Mulan gasped as she felt a gush of fluid come out from between her legs. The doctor quickley turned around.
" Whats going on!?" Mulan asked in a worried manner.
" well aperently your water just broke!" The doctor said as he rushed back towards Mulan.
" My what just broke!?"
" Your wat...."
"AAAHHHH!" Mulan screamed as she grabed her stomic.

Mulan begain breathing heavily as Pressure was forming between her legs.
" well it looks like I was wrong? " The doctor said as he begain to pull his supplies out.
" about what!?" Mulan asked in a frantic manner.
The doctor gave mulan a cosfused look.
"ABOUT WHAT?.....I want to know whats's happening to me?!" Mulan said with a frightened tone while still breathing heavily.
" Well Miss, the birthing cycle has just started."
" WHAT?" Mulan asked confused.
" your in labor, your baby's on it's way."

Mulan was speachless, this was not suposed to happen, she had another whole mounth. She was suposted to have this baby at home. Mulan's breaths became faster and faster. She was terrified, what was she going to do, she didn't know very much about babies, just what her mother tought her in her womenly studies. Plus she knew nothing about birthing a baby. Mulan kept breathing faster.

" Now calm down miss, just lay down," the doctor said as he slowly pushed mulan down on to the mat," and breath slowly, it will help with the pain."
Mulan slowly layed back, and calmed her breaths.
" I will notafy you captin about this, so he will know whats happening." The man said as he walked out of the tent.

Mulan could see the shadows of the two men talking. She could tell by shang's body language that he was indeed supised. Mulan closed her eyes and looked away, she didn't want to see any more. Mulan was both scared and worried, scared from not knowing what to do, and scared about shang, would he stay, would he leave, will he be descusted and want nothing more to do with her, or would he take his responsibilities and become a father, and worried, the baby was comming sooner than usual, will the baby be born dead, will it have birth affects, Mulan was out of her mind at all of the possibilites that could happen.

Mulan begain to realize that the pain had left, and slowly sat up. was it over, was it just a simple pain from the cut? Was she acually not in labor? had it been a false alarm? Mulan was puzzled yet she was somewhat relived, the pain was gone, and the baby may not be on it's way. Mulan begain to relax. She wated for the doctor to come back in.

In a matter of minutes the doctor came, Mulan smiled as he walked in.
" well your captin was very suprised, But not like I would have thought." the doctor said confused.
" what do you mean?" Mulan asked
" well he seemed more worried over your consure, than over the fact that you are pregnant and that you are a woman..." The doctor looked at Mulan," Is he the father?"

Mulan took the smile away from her face, " yes sir." Mulan said quietly.
" well then, at least he knows he will be a father soon." the doctor declared
" well I don't know about that sir, the pain has stopped, I think it was just a faulse alarm."

The doctor gave Mulan a confused look again," Miss I don't think you quite understand.....your having  contractions, and they come and go, but when they start comming closer togther, time wise, it means you will be ready to deliver."
" So...Iam still in labor?"
" Yes miss, your in the begining stages of labor."
Mulan sighed, " how long does it take to deliver a baby?"
" It veries, for some only a few hours....."
" Hours?!" Mulan asked
" ...and for other sometimes days"
"DAYS?" Mulan gasped.

Mulan layed back down, and begain rubbing her stomic. The one thing she did know about labor is that it was painfull, very painfull. Not just from her simple contraction, but from how her mother and grandmother talked about it. She bearly had any energy, and now she had to use it in hours of labor. Mulan wondered if she would be able to do this.

Mulan calmly laid there wating for another contraction to happen. Time went by slowly.
* I just want this to be over with* Mulan thought as she slowly rubed her stomic. She could feel the baby move slowly, *well at least it's alive*

Finally another contraction hit her. Mulan tensed, and then finally begain breathing slowly once more. The pain was intense, But Mulan knew it would get much worse. She had to be strong.

over an hour had passed, and three contractions had come and gone, each one more intense than the other, each closer than the other. Mulan stayed layed on the mat, she had no energy to keep sitting up.

Finally her fourth contraction hit her, the Pain was unbearible. Mulan's body beagin to shake. The pain was taking to much energy away from her.
" I can't do this" Mulan said weakly
" your going to have to." the doctor said in a kindly way.
" But I can't..."

The doctor looked at Mulan, he saw how weak she was, there was nothing he could do. Then the  doctor looked over to the opening of the tent, He saw the shadow of shang pacing worriedly. He thought of an idea.
"Miss would it help if the father came and sat with you untill the birth."

Mulan looked over at the doctor suprised, was he really going to let Shang be with her? Mulan smiled at the idea and quickley nodded.

Out side the tent, Shang was pacing, he steps were fast, and he would stop every now and then to listen to what was happening. Shang quickley stoped as the doctor came out.
* is there something eles wrong?* he thought.
shang walked towards the doctor, "well?" Shang asked worriedly
" she's requested for you." The doctor said as he opened a tent flap to let Shang in.
Shang gave the doctor a confused look, and quickley walked in.

As he enterd his eyes fell apon Mulan. He watched as she breathed deeply but slowly, he could tell she was in pain, by how she tensed up. Finally he watched as Mulan made a sigh of relefe. Her pain had finally left.

Mulan slowly opened her eyes. She smiled at her beloved.She slowly sat up, and thats when Shang could see it was true, she was acually pregnant, he saw her stomic. He may have never been around many women, but he does know when a  women is pregnant. Shang steped back, this was unbeleavable to him, he was extreamly suprised.

Mulan noticed his jestours, and quickly look down to where he gazed in astonishment. She could see he was suprised in what was revealed. Quickly she grabed the blanket that was only covering half of her, and covered herself. Mulan looked back up at Shang.
" I can explain!" she said in a pleading manner.

Shang took a few more steps back. He needed a minute to himself. Too much had happened in the last few days. He had just lost his father, and had no time to overcome the fact that he was on his own. Half of his men were killed in the avalanch, yet the Huns had been killed too. But this was just the topping on all of it, the most life changing thing he would ever experence. Unlike the death of his father, This would be a huge consure in his life, Shang was depresed by his fathers death, but the man was really never in his life, so even if the man was dead or alive, not much would have changed. But as for this, this would be a living breathing creature that consisted of the Li blood, his blood. No matter what he would do the child would always belong to him, He was not ready for this.
He was the youngest in the Li family, and yet the first with a child. His brothers, the youngest being over 10 years older than him, have not produced children yet. They have had wife after wife, trying to cosive kinn, but never been sucsessful. As for his sisters, They have not cosived eather, But lucky for them, thier husbands families keept them because of thier beauty as concubines. They would never be wives, just pleasure mates for thier x-husbands.Shang Thought about all that will happen and have happend, He was the first to break trudtion, the sakredness that should only happen between man and wife, yet out of this he was he first to produce a hire for the Li family.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!" Mulan screamed as she grabed her stomic from pain.
Shang quickley came out of his thoughts and brought his attention on Mulan. He quickley rushed to her side. He Could tell how much pain she was in, it was much worse than anything he would ever go through. He begain to hold her close, he wanted to sooth her in some way.
" It's ok.....every thing will be alright." shang cooed in a worried fashion to Mulan, as he rubbed her sholders.

He was mad, but right now he needed to put all of that aside. He knew the baby was comming, and it was putting her throught pain.

Mulan grabed shang's hand, She begain to hold it tight, To shang it felt like she was going to break his hand, but he never wanted her to let go. Mulan begain to squeese shang's hand harder as the pain became worse. Mulan tried to slowly breath, but it did not help much.

Finally the pain was over, Mulan begain to relax. Mulan layed back on the mat and begain breathing heavily, She was exsasted, she needed rest or she would't not be able to make it through the delivery.  
Shang slowly begain to prop her up by siiting behinde her. Mulan smiled at his gestore, She knew he was trying to help as best he could.

Shang slowly wiped back the peices of hair that hung lose from her bun, and kissed her fore head.
" I love you too." He said.
Mulan knew it was a refrance from when she tried to tell him about the baby, She was so happy he wanted to be with her right now.
Shang begain to place his hands on Mulan's stomic, Mulan placed her's ontop of his. Shang could feel the baby move. he smiled, this was something they made together, by love, somthing that was both of them, then again something that would be it's self. It was a living breathing creature that would come into the world, and be apart of them forever just as they would for it. even thought he had been mad about the child, he was estatic now, he couldn't wait. yes he was still worried about everything that could happen and every thing that has happen, but right now he was excited.

Mulan also begain to become excited about the child. Even if she was exsausted and knew thier was much more to come, she couldn't wait to see her child's face for the first time.

Mulan begain to rest herself on Shang's lap, she begain breathing deeply. After a few minutes, she fell asleep.  shang smiled , He knew she needed the rest, it was a wonder that she had been able to pull through all of it for this long. But then again she was a fighter, she would keep going till the job was done.

The hours passed by slowly for Shang, he begain to become tired as well, these contractions had lasted through out the whole night and almost into the morning. Mulan would wake up every now and then from a intense contraction, but she acually slept through most of them.
* at least she can sleep through contractions,* shang thought,* I can't even fall asleep, the slightest movement wakes me up.*
But finally Shang begain to get some sleep, it was a wonder he could sleep sitting up. But he would do anything for Mulan, if he could he would go through the pain for her, but he knew that was imposoble and the only thing he could do was sooth her.

Shang got an a half an hours worth of a nap before Mulan woke up screaming.
"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH" Mulan screamed with tears going down her cheeks.
Shang quickley woke up, tired or not. He quickley grabed Mulan's hand. She squeezed it tightly.

The doctor quickley ran in, " what happend?!" the doctor asked.
" she woke up from a contraction." Shang said worriedly.
" they must be getting worse, I need to check if she's fully
dilated." The doctor said as he ran to check.

Shang watched as the doctor took her pants off to check down there. Shang didn't really like the idea of him doing that, but he knew that the doctor had to do it, so Shang just kept his mind on Mulan.
" just what I thought, she's fully dilated."  the doctor said
" what does that mean?" Shang asked
" well she now ready to start giving birth."

Shang became suprised when he heard this, he still wasen't ready for the child. He looked down at Mulan. Another contraction hit her, she could barley bear the pain. She had tears streeking down her face.

Shang wiped the tears off her face," Iam here, don't you cry." Shang said softly.
Mulan grabed his hand, and sqeesed it tightly once more.
Shang wanted to be with her through the whole birth, but he knew the doctor wasen't going to let him. But he didn't want to tell Mulan, he could tell she never wanted him to leave.

" sir, Iam sorry to say this but it's time for you to leave."
Shang quickley looked at the doctor *so soon* he thought.
Mulan looked up at Shang" what?!" she said

Shang held Mulan close and kissed her," evert thing will be ok....I promise." shang cooded
Mulan cried harder. Shang slowly got up and tried to walk out, but he didn't want to let go of Mulan's hand, " I will be right out there, if you need anything just call me....anything at all." shang told mulan
" don't go........... please." Mulan said with tears streeking down her face.
" I have to, ok.....I will be just right out there, not far at all..ok"
Mulan shook her head in agreement she didn't want him to leave, but she knew what her place was, and what his place was.

Shang slowly walked out the tent. He looked around outside and noticed all of the solders and set up thier tents and were asleep for the night, but then he saw the three. Mulan's three friends were sitting on a near by rock, all of them had dark circles around thier eyes, just like shang had, he could tell they were as tired as he was.
* they must have been up all night too* shang thought, * Mulan's got some great friends, for them to stay up like that.*

Inside the tent, the doctor was getting mulan ready to give birth. He set her legs up in the delivering position, he knew she was too weak to do it herself.

"Now, Mulan is it, next time you feel pain,take a deep breath and fight against it, ok" The doctor said in a gental tone.
Mulan nooded in agreement.

Pain hit her hard, she begin to breath fast.
" Mulan you need to push!"
Mulan tried her best to push, by some miricle she had the energy to do so.
" good...2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10." the doctor said."
Mualn rested and wated for the next contraction. finally the pain hit her
" Push...2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10."
Mulan rested once more then pain hit her again but harder, "AAAHHHHH!" she screamed
" The babies head must be about ready to come out, Push!....2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10."

The hours of mulan being in labor lasted forever, Shang paced the tent worriedly. to him it was taking to long, he wanted to know what was happening.

Mulan was in pain, the pushing became harder and harder.
"OK Push!, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10."
Mulan pushed as hard as she could, the babies head finally came out.
" Alright..we got a head!!!" the doctor proclamed.
This excited Mulan, but the pain ended it." AHHH!"
" Push!...2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10...., we got a pair of sholders!!"
The pain hit mulan again a final time
" Push and we should have a full baby....4,5,6,7,8,9,10."
Mulan pushed for the final time.

Finally after a whole night of hard work, she had done it! She felt relife when she heard her baby cry.
" you have a pretty little boy there miss." the doctor said as he handed her the baby.
" A Boy!" Mulan said excitedly as she held her son for the first time.

He was coverd in birthing fluid and blood, but Mulan still thought he was the most gourguse thing in the world.
" It's mama!" Mulan said softly to her son.
she gazed at his features, his face, his little body, he was so tiny, but full of life.
He begain to slowly stop crying, and took his first glace at his mother.
" Welcome to the world little one." Mulan said softly.

outside the sun was just begining to rise, when shang heard his son for the first time.
Shang came out of his thoughts. He had been thinking about Ping's birth too, he couldn't wait to see Mulan and Ping again.

Shang rested on a couch like chair, in one of the guest rooms at the palace.
" Do you think she still loves me?" shang asked
" there's no dought on that sweety." Tigeress said, " she will never stop loving you shang"
Shang smiled at tigeress phrase and went back to his thoughts, he never wanted to stop thinking about them, he finally had his world back.
Come stop your crying
It will be all right
Just take my hand
Hold it tight

I will protect you from all around you
I will be here
Don't you cry

For one so small, you seem so strong
My arms will hold you
Keep you safe and warm
This bond between us can't be broken
I will be here
Don't you cry

'Cause you'll be in my heart
Yes, you'll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more

You'll be in my heart
No matter what they say
You'll be here in my heart always
YES ANOTHER FREEKING LONG CHAPTER!!! I pretty much freeked up
chapter 11 [link]
and chapter 12 [link]
LOL :icongivemesmilesplz:, and here is a scene from this chapter that my awsome friend drew, she is an exelent artist, here it is [link]

but they were inacurate, I did some research and made them right LOL but anyway, I really just wanted to rewite chapter 11, I didn't like it it was too short and unrealistic, and like no drama LOL XD but anyway I found some more songs to listen too while writing her they are [link] and [link]

me being a disney broadway freek, Iam not suprised I haven't listend to them yet LOL, but anyway I want the sound track now!!! but anyway I thought this was the cutest chapter ever, I just wanted so bad for shang to break out singing " you'll be in my heart" but I had to stop my self LOL Iam so terrable....LOL :iconpikachuishappyplz:
but anyway here it is hope ya'll like it, it freeking took me forever so you better damn love it...or this person will get you -> :iconninjaglompplz:

Mulan and tarzan (c) disney
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Arwen-Evenstar16 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2010
Um...........................................................that's not how Ping was born in the chapters before. You can't change the story. You keep changing the story. The chapters, and really the entire story, need to flow seamlessly into one another. They aren't doing that. I'm not trying to be rude, I'm trying to help you be a better writer. Right now I'm very confused. I have two different stories of how Ping was born. And what is "consure"?
TheSpaceCowgirl Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I JUST CHANGED IT OK...THATS ALL and really there about the same...its just more detail
Arwen-Evenstar16 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2010
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paulinaortega Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2009
your writing keeps getting better :party:
I really liked this chapter, and I loved how Shang was all concerned about Mulan eventhough he did get angry and was confused about the future, after all those are the consequences for being
And I loooooove :love: the song from Tarzan, it's one of my all time Disney favorite songs.It really fit the story =) Well once again complements on the story, ahhh
you're actually making me go crazy cause I'm all worried about Mulan's parents' reactions, and Shang's about their little affair.
TheSpaceCowgirl Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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